Payroll Services

At CCAL Group, Inc in Garden Grove, CA we offer bookkeeping and payroll services to small businesses of all industries.

We’ll help streamline your company’s payroll process and ensure that your records are accurate, reliable, and in accordance with federal and state tax laws.

Let Us Help With Payroll Services for Your Small Business

Payroll is the list of employees that a firm pays, as well as the total amount of compensation and computed taxes to be withheld during each pay period. Payroll services are a must-have for every company that wants to track employee attendance, hours worked, and guarantee federal and state tax law compliance.

Many organizations that want to develop or maintain an organized system that can respond to fluctuations in the company’s staff face considerable challenges when it comes to in-house payroll. Payroll systems that are unskilled or poorly managed can soon produce a slew of issues, including wage calculation errors with negative tax implications.

Business owners should consider outsourcing payroll responsibilities to an experienced payroll provider with a proven track record in order to save time and money. Hiring a competent payroll company may provide significant benefits.

Our Small Business Payroll Services Include:

Monitoring of employee time and attendance

Preparation of employee time and wage sheets

Withholdings of tax and benefit contributions

Setup of direct deposit accounts

Administration of garnishments/levies

Preparation of Workers Compensation forms

Provision of payroll register and journal reports

Preparation of employer's annual federal unemployment tax return

Transmission of wage and tax statements

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