They’re the faces of BlazeNow, an app specializing in weed location. More than that, they’re equity partners in the app. The man who built his career on rapping about drugs or the things he did while on drugs is sober today. Em has vacillated between addiction and sobriety for years, and you can usually tell which songs were recorded sober and which he recorded stoned out of his mind. Em once told “VIBE” that he had to relearn how to record music sober.

How old is 50 cent?

Curtis James Jackson III (born July 6, 1975), known professionally as 50 Cent, is an American rapper, actor, television producer, and businessman.

Some have personally struggled with addiction and needed to get clean to get their life in order. And others abstain simply so that they can function at the highest level. Macklemore has struggled his entire life with staying sober. At the tender age of thirteen, the Platinum- selling rapper once said he had formed a drinking problem, but in 2008 he vowed to stay clean, and today we can say we’ re proud of him.

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Not just alcohol and booze, but the bad stuff as well. During his Recovery album, he wrote about his struggle with staying sober. Eventually, he managed to quit altogether and now Eminem remains sober and has a hard time relating to his older music.

rappers that dont smoke

From Mac Miller’s fatal overdose to Juice WRLD’s drug-induced seizure, the link between death and addiction has been a recurring topic in rap. On the heels of launching his 47 Minutes podcast with Tidal, Joey Bada$$ gave fans more food for thought on his Instagram story Wednesday night (March 7). The Brooklyn native informed followers he had been marijuana-free for over two months, and went on to further explain his decision to put down the weed in more detail.

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With that said, if you’re going to get into cannabis, an edible may not be the best first experience. It hits you when you least expect it, and if that brownie is potent, it can freak anyone out. All those memes about people complaining about how edibles don’t work, only to be stoned out of their minds is quite true. Since the early 2010s, Tyler’s rap career has dominated the weird side of the rap scene.

rappers that dont smoke

Because celebs, especially rappers, have more access and resources to get their hands on the magical green leaf, I made it my personal mission to find out who doesn’t partake, and why. Now that weed is legal in eight states, decriminalized in 13 and available for medical use in 29, no wonder 10 million more Americans smoke mary jane than 12 years ago. As early as middle school I soon learned that the “skunk” smell wasn’t a rodent at all, but the sweet fragrance of the mind-altering flower. Dro, weed, loud or whatever your region calls it, it was never taboo to me. It was something I just accepted as an aspect of my culture—and in a lot of ways, it is.

Concertgoers leave Miranda Lambert’s show after she calls out selfie-taking fans

He kicked back with King of the Hill, so we released Ice Cube Killa to DJs only. I don’t think he took it as seriously as us in terms of what this shit can turn into, but prior to that we’d been friends and we had a lot of mutual friends who wanted us to mend the relationship. Some time later, on 1 January 1997, he called me and we both sort of apologised to each other in our roundabout way [he laughs] and since then we’ve done shows together and hung out.

rappers that dont smoke

“How can you be so sure that Drake doesn’t know how to smoke weed?” you may be asking. Surely, as the world’s most famous rapper, as the protegé of Lil Wayne, he must have someone around who can show him, right? Or perhaps he has always just tried to play it cool and act like he knows what’s sober rappers going on, and, at this point, he is understandably too embarrassed to ask. He’s partnered with The Reserve weed dispensary in Santa Ana, California. He has his own brand of products, TreesbyGame, which contain his personal strain. Try some of that G DRINKS lemonade if you can, fam.

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[He laughs.] That started as a joke between us and the LSO on Twitter, but we would love to do something, preferably a classical performance of Black Sunday. There were serious discussions, which fell through, but we still talk about it. I listen to classical music and I still think it will happen.

Macklemore has struggled with remaining sober his whole life. In a recent interview with MTV, the platinum-selling rapper revealed he developed a drinking problem at the age of thirteen. In his past, oxycontin and syrup have caused him near-death experiences. On “Otherside,” Macklemore raps about Lil Wayne being a major influence of his personal codeine addiction. Minus one relapse he’s had with codeine, Macklemore has been clean since August of 2008.

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Y’all can smoke around me all day long for six months straight and I’m not gonna touch it. As reported by the New York Times, the company showed a net loss of $66 million on revenues of $21.5 million and lost $79 million the previous quarter. It wasn’t until 2004 that Dre’s Chronic “model,” received a refresh via New York City through The Diplomats’ flamboyant man in pink, Cam’ron, and his 2004 album Purple Haze.

  • “I didn’t see a problem with the fact that maybe five days would go by without sleeping.
  • The Oscar winner works out regularly and eats healthfully.
  • He’s also been seen sharing a joint with his boo, Rihanna.
  • His sobriety also spelt the beginning of better health and fitness for the rapper, who shed some serious weight.

Now a pescatarian who eats a mostly plant-based diet, Common honestly makes us feel a little bit bad about ourselves. He starts everyday with a green juice, puts nutritional yeast on his popcorn, and has never had the burger at Minetta Tavern. Master P doesn’t just rap about weed; he’s also a businessman. During 2016, he launched a line of legal pot products called Master P’s Trees, which includes everything from edibles to flower. More often than not, Rick Ross is spotted with a joint or blunt hanging out of his mouth or twiddling between his fingers.

To honor the ones who spit rhymes and smoke a ton of ganja, here are 10 rappers who love weed and their own lines of weed products. A$AP has numerous songs written about his love for marijuana. Not only is he an avid smoker, but he collaborates with other musicians and artists who indulge in similar habits.

A couple of ounces and three bottles of tequila. I don’t know if that would do the trick for Boris Johnson. He doesn’t seem to be liked very much, but in the US we’ve also got politicians that no one likes – and a couple that people like too much.